Welcome to Sadda Toronto

Welcome to Sadda Toronto

Welcome to Sadda Toronto !

A desi perspective of everything in and around Toronto.

Welcome To Toronto
Welcome To Toronto

Sadda Toronto (Our Toronto) or Sadda Canada (Our Canada) is the most common term all Punjabi speaking people use when referring to Toronto or Canada. The word “Sadda” has a feeling of belongingness with affectionate attachment. It also gives a desi flavor to Toronto and this is what I’m trying to achieve using this blog.

Desi perspective where

  • Cricket will take more weightage than baseball
  • Gurdas Mann will be discussed more than Michael Jackson
  • Yogathon will be discussed more than pride prade

Sadda Toronto is being developed to help new Canadian immigrants, soon to be immigrants or desi’s living in Canada especially in Toronto GTA area.

I’m not going to share the usual “Canadian living details” or “Top 10 places to visit in Toronto” etc – I know lots of websites have these details. What I am going to share, however, is exactly what we Indians (well most of Indians) like to know, like to watch, like to do or like to visit. Things which are not available on these websites, including things we all came to know from word of mouth.

There are so many details which, if known at proper time, can be huge help to the new immigrants. Sadda Toronto will focus on such topics, common questions, issues and other relevant details. It will also focus on social and community issues in Canada directly affecting us or affecting Canada because of us.

I’ll be adding and updating this blog quite regularly. In coming weeks, I’ll be adding more menu categories. Your questions, suggestions and comments are truly welcomed.

At Sadda Toronto, My goal is to answer each and every query to the best of my knowledge. I’ll try my best to get the genuine information from the best possible sources.

If you like my effort and find it helpful then Please like my Facebook page,subscribe to my blog and give your comments on my posts.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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