Slow Juicer – the ultimate press juice machine for juicing vegetables and fruits

Slow Juicer – the ultimate press juice machine for juicing vegetables and fruits

Are you planning to go on juice diet? or planning for a juice cleanse & juice detox program?  In either of the case you must be looking for the best juicing machine. Any press juice machine for juicing vegetables and fruits is the best bet.

There is a good chance that you already know the benefits of juicing. Nothing is more refreshing and nutritious than a freshly pressed juice and juice from a slow juicer guarantee to give you the best possible taste and nutritions.

Let’s first review some of the drawbacks of traditional centrifugal juicer.

  • Very noisy
  • Frothy foamy Juice
  • Limited fruits can be juiced
  • Messy, hard to clean
  • Time consuming juicing
  • Highly oxidized juice as high speed spinning mix air with juice
  • Waste pulp still contain lots of juice

Slow Juicer – the ultimate juicing machine

I love homemade juices but didn’t like the centrifugal juicer I use to have.  I started looking for a good juicer when we were expecting our first child. As any other soon to be parent, we wanted a healthy baby and wanted a good healthy diet for my wife. We both don’t like sugar fill readymade juices, but making a good quality juice everyday was very cumbersome.  We did some research and found that Slow Juicing is the best technique to prepare juice and hence a slow juicer is the best option to choose.

Slow juicing benefits

  • More juice
  • More Natural vitamins
  • No Froth at all
  • Long lasting as it is not already oxidized during the process

 Slow Juicer

Contrary to its name, its speed of juicing fruits and vegetables is faster than the traditional juicer.The word “slow” in the name depicts the speed of the motor. A slow juicer motor operates at  80-90 RPM consuming  150 watt of energy where as traditional centrifugal juicer operates at 1000 to 24000 RPM consuming  up to 1500 watt of energy.

Slow juicer uses screw like auger to juice the fruits and vegetable instead of using fast rotating blades in traditional electric juicer. It is electric version of the professional manual/motorized juicer you must have seen in juice shops in India.

There are two type of slow juicer

  • Single Auger
  • Double Auger

Auger is the only slow moving part in slow juicer which moves and squeezes the fruits to get maximum juice out of it.  Double auger juicers are much more expensive than the single auger. Double auger gives the maximum juice and driest waste pulp.  Considering the cost of the product and our budget, we decided to buy slow juicer with single auger.

Double Auger juicer are even more better but much more expensive than single auger.

Finally, we decided to buy Hurom Slow Juicer, it is a single auger juicer. It is working fine since last 5 years. Here is my review about this juicer.

Benefits of Slow Juicer

  • Quiet, It didn’t even bother sleeping infants.
  • Cheaper to run
  • Juice quality is very good as there is no air mix in it.
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • You hardly need the pusher to push the fruits/vegetables.
  • Can juice any kind of fruits with or without seeds
  • You can easily put the pulp back into the juicer for second round of juicing
  • Can also juice soaked Almond to make homemade almond milk.
  • Can collect the pulp directly in to a plastic bag for easy garbage disposal

Bad points

  • Sometime it gets stuck while juicing long pieces of pineapples or when pulp is reused for second round of juicing , but there is a reverse button to get it unstuck by moving the auger backwards and it work almost every time.
  • A proper care is required while assembling, a rubber valve at the bottom of container should be closed properly otherwise it would cause a little juice leakage. It is more like a thing to remember than the product drawback.

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