Shopping tips before voyage to Canada

Shopping tips before voyage to Canada

In continuation to my previous post 11 Things to do in home country before flying to Canada, Here is my list of shopping tips which you should buy when you are coming to Canada for the very first time (You are not going to ask me second time 🙂 )


a. Buy only flat bottom utensils. All rented accommodations have electric coil stove, any utensils with round bottom will keep on wobbling and cannot be used. Buy basic utensils you need for cooking.

b. Small Tea Cups: most tea cups in Canada are big mugs from Indian standards. Few stores have small cups as well but with very few options. It’s better to get good quality Tea cups from your home country. I have seen many Indians complaining about big mugs.

c. Pressure Cooker: Can’t imagine kitchen without a pressure cooker? Get one for you. Canada have their own different style pressure cooker and now a days Indian stores sell Indian brands as well but of course on expensive side. Get extra safety valves as well. Canadian brands can be check at Lagostina Domina Bianca Pressure Cooker 7 L

d. DON’T BUY any electrical equipment (juicer/mixer/Iron) unless it is 110 volt. Buy the convertor plug as well. Canada use flat pin plugs.


a. Get a pair of Sun glasses and reading glasses, of course if required after getting your eyes examined by the doctor. OHIP covered eye checkup for children under 18 years of old but not for adults. Average eye examination fee is 100$

b. Get your prescribed medicine with you at least for 3-4 months i.e. until you select a family doctor and get yourself checked in Canada.

c. Get few basic medicines/Ointments (cold, fever, cut, burn, pain) etc. Don’t buy a lot of these. All basic medicines are available over the counter without any prescription.

d. Get your teeth examined from a good doctor. Dentists are very expensive in Canada and not covered by Government (OHIP in Ontario). Employer do cover dental and eye examination with certain upper limit.

e. Buy Homeopathy medicine if you use it.


a. Waterproof sheets for bed, if you have small kids or planning to have soon.

b. Buy extra extra pair of undergarments. In rental buildings laundry is common and full load is always more economical. In rental basements,home owner generally allow once a week laundry.Apart from that it cheaper in India.


If you need to buy any educational books etc then first check or and compare price and go with the cheap option. Books are expensive in Canada but public libraries are very good and carry lots of books.


a. Optional but recommended: Get Transportation Security Administration (TSA) locks for your luggage. If they need to open your luggage and couldn’t open it, they will break it. TSA locks can be opened by the security professionals.

b. Buy a visible Tag or mark for all check-in luggage for easy identification on airport. Most people have similar luggage. Your unique mark will help you find your bag from far.

c. Put both destination and source address in your luggage.


a. Buy Travel adaptor: The one which can be used with round pin plugs and fits into flat pins socket. It is required to charge your cell phone, laptops, tablets etc. It will cost around 15 Rs in India and around 5-20$ in Canada.

Photo Credit: Roderick Eime

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