Cost of living in Canada: Monthly Average expenses

Cost of living in Canada: Monthly Average expenses

“What would be the Cost of living in Canada or average monthly expense?” is one of the biggest question a potential immigrant has in his mind.  How much money should I bring initially to settle in Canada? What would be my house rent? etc…

Expenses depend on individual’s life style and spending habits but still I am trying my best to give you a rough idea of monthly expenses. I am listing prices based on family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids). These are not taken from any agency or government site, but it is purely based on my experience in Toronto – GTA.

Basic Expenses:

1. Grocery:    200 $ to 500$ a month
2. Home Rent: 650$ to 1500 per month

  • Renting a basement cost around 650+
  • Apartment in Rental building cost around 900+
  • Renting a good Condominium 1500+

3. Bus Pass: ~135$ per month per person or Bus/Subway Ticket: ~ 3.5 $ per trip

  • Intercity bus passes are more expensive. e.g. Toronto GTA pass is 61$ per week

4. Cell phone: 20 $ per month to 50$

5. Electricity: 30-50$ per month if not included in rent

Additional Expenses:

1. Car insurance: 300-500 $ per month (assuming new license)

2. Car installment: 100 – 400 $ per month (Can also get a very old car from 2500$ – 4500$in total cost)

3. Gas/petrol charges: 50$ to 200$ per month

4. Internet + Cable TV = 50$ to 100$ (sometime cable is included in Rent)

5. Private home based day Care: 3$ per hour

6. Registered Private day care: 50$ to 70$ per day (if eligible,Can apply for government subsidy)

7.Government Day care:  10$ – 40$ per day (Can apply for subsidy)

Optional/ good to have things:

1. Rental home insurance: 15-30 $ per month

2. Personal Life Insurance:   ~25$-100$ onward per month per person. Depend on insurance amount etc.

3. Kids RESP Education plan:  any amount up to ~ 245 per month per kid under 18 year of age

Other Onetime expenses (basic items only. There is no limit on upper range)

1.Sofa & table: 500$ – 1200$

2. Mattress, its base and iron frame = 200$ -400$

3. Microwave: ~60$

Above price ranges are just for estimation purpose only and it is based on my own experience. There are various ways to find cheaper stuff as well. There is no upper limit to the price tag. I have personally met so many new immigrants with monthly expenses within above price ranges.

Some of these costs increase as you get settle in Canada and raise your living standard and some of these will decrease with your stay in Canada.

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