Affiliate Disclaimer

I started this blog to become a global community where it can provide answers to potential and new immigrant’s questions along with helping the fellow citizens of Canada in our day to day life. Somewhere along my blogging journey, I discovered affiliate marketing.

Blogging – and running a growing blog – isn’t free, so I voluntarily use affiliate marketing to support the operation, pay the bills. As such, you should assume that any link or banner ad to a product taking you to a page off this blog is an affiliate link for which I stand to receive compensation if the user (like yourself) makes a purchase. Examples of such links include links to, etc. Examples of places you’ll find me mentioning the above companies include but are not limited to videos, articles and blog comments. It is by promoting these very products I use that I’m able to earn enough to keep the blog up and growing.

I’ve personally selected a small subset of companies with outstanding services to review and recommend. These companies listed above do not give me free products, services or anything else in exchange for mentioning them. The only compensation is in the form of affiliate commissions. All reviews are original copy of my own and based on my own experiences good (or bad) with a product.

Blogging is a free-market industry based on consumer intent. The user (you again) can go anywhere, do anything and buy or not buy.

Thanks for reading. Please reach out to contact me at saddatoronto (AT) gmail (DOT) com with any questions on the above statements.

Thanks, and enjoy the blog!


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