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Sadda Toronto (Our Toronto) or Sadda Canada (Our Canada) is the most common term all Punjabi speaking people use when referring to Toronto or Canada. The word “Sadda” has a feeling of belongingness with affectionate attachment. It also gives a desi flavor to Toronto and this desi flavor in everything is the main focus of this blog.

The idea of Sadda Toronto was conceived in year 2008, when I immigrated to Canada. I registered this domain name in 2009 but never got time to work on it until 2015. This blog is my attempt to “help” other new immigrants or soon to be of Canada.

Why I Started This Blog?

Recently few of my cousins and friends migrated to Canada. I tried my best to inform them most of the details well in time, but still I missed few important one, resulting into mental tension and fatigue for them and guilt for myself.  This event reminded me of my issues I faced when I moved to Canada and motivated me to start working on the blog I have planning since last 5 years.

The Idea is to keep on adding all the good and important topics, which affect all of us in any way.

Need more details…?

Here you go…

As a new immigrant, I had lots of questions in my mind even before flying from India and a lot more questions after landing here in Canada. Simple questions like why the traffic light is not turning red for cars, so that I can cross the road. ( It was winter time and I was at outskirts of Richmond Hill on Young street  with no other pedestrian)  or Little complex topics like benefit of opening RRSP account before buying your first house etc. (unfortunately I missed that)

Friends and families helped us a lot but still there were so many unknown untouched topics. Topics which were discussed very late when I had no option to change what I already did. Few of these decisions resulted into monetary loss, wasted time and energy and above all frustration.

I was not able to find a single website which has these basic topics discussed in details. So I decided to develop one to help potential and new immigrants to Canada and most specifically Toronto and GTA. During past 6 years, I had lots of discussion with my friends about Canada and immigration. Actually their questions will be part of my blog post topics. Feel free to ask me any question and I’ll answer it to the best of my knowledge.

I feel very sad when I see people exploiting Canadian system, throw garbage on roads etc, I don’t want to see corruption in Canada or roadside piles of garbage or officer asking for bribes etc. “Responsible Citizens” is what we have to be. I’ll be sharing community concerns in  this section.

Have you heard of Sadda Toronto?

No? Then check out my welcome to Sadda Toronto post. Sadda Toronto is all about answering blogging questions quickly, painlessly, and without the fluffy jargon the web is so full of these days. Ask me a question on email, Twitter, or Google+.

Hope you feel at home here at Sadda Toronto. I’m always around to help.

BTW Who Am I?

My name is Gulshan Saini.

I’m an IT professional and a budding blogger.

Some details about me-

  • I was born in 1980 in India and migrated to Canada in 2008
  • I did Masters in computers Application
  • I can read, write, and speak Hindi, Punjabi and English.
  • I love to read about almost each and everything
  • My favorite topics include Health, Yoga, Humanity, Meditation, Nature, Religion.

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